Are you powerful enough to affect change and sustain it? What do you value the most about America? What do we want to see for our lives and our children lives? Do you believe in your worth and do you believe you deserve the best? How does your life model that?

A CALL TO ACTION, LET'S BE FRIENDS AND JOIN #MEDITATETHEVOTE! Meditate The Vote, sponsored by The American Mediating Radio aims to reduce anger in the election process. Make your choice, share your voice! Click on our Toolkit to learn how to participate in the Meditate The Vote movement, or Sign Up for our Newsletter below!

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MEDIA, what is #MeditateTheVote

What If We Meditate The Vote?

More than perhaps ever before our campaign season has devolved into a rambunctious back and forth of shouting, insults, and even violence. But some have a different idea, an idea too radical not too be taken seriously. Sister Jenna is one of the initiators of Meditate the Vote — a call for a more reflective approach to this year’s election. Tune in to learn more about this election season’s most innovative use of religion on the campaign trail.

Keep Calm and Meditate The Vote

The first public Meditate The Vote event gathered individuals from the arenas of education, media, government, and religion. It catered to folks born in America and others who chose this as their country. It attracted people interested in making a positive change, for themselves and America.

THE RELIGION CORNER: Pray First and Meditate The Vote

With the June 14 primary election for the District of Columbia almost upon us, let us consider the seriousness of every vote. This is not an opinion opportunity. Scripture reminds us in Deuteronomy 1:13: "Choose for your tribes wise, understanding, and experienced men," (and I add women) and it continues by saying, "and I will appoint them as your heads." The definition of the word "choose" is to pick out or select (someone or something) as being the best or most appropriate of two or more alternatives. Today, however, it seems the news media is influencing the vote.

Wake Up America and Meditate The Vote

Do you wish for fewer guns to be accessible to all? More justice when it comes to the lost lives of young African American males? Do you want to see people of all life choices to feel accepted and safe? Whatever are those deep inner thoughts, I am aware more than ever why Meditate The Vote is so timely and invites us all to a call for action.

Love Notes from Diane L. Haworth

Our goal is simple. We’re encouraging people to meditate, pray or be mindful in whatever way works for them and then, from a calm state, engage in meaningful and insightful conversations. Ask questions. Listen to others. Do your research. Meditate on who will best lead our country in the highest and best way for all. We do not endorse any specific candidate. We simply ask people go inside, evaluate options and in November vote from the quiet truth of their own heart.

Meditate the Vote - UBN Radio/TV

Sister Jenna discusses the launch of "Meditate the Vote" - a grassroots movement conceived by the America Meditating Radio Show and an alliance of Friends from around the country who are concerned citizens, wishing to contribute a greater awareness for ourselves and our country.

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So What About this #MeditateTheVote


MeditateTheVote is an invitation to explore one’s thoughts in a manner that amplifies their views in open forums, through radio, social media, media, vlogs and blogs. Our goal is to engage in a larger conversation that bridges gaps to create a cohesive understanding of genuine commonality. It is our hope that MeditateTheVote acts as a subtle tool that offers more trust and partnership. The month of May has been declared National Meditation Month which aligned perfectly with the theme of this platform. We felt it appropriate to launch on May 1 st and will continue through the election process on November 8th . Voting is power, because voting is us. Join us on this journey and MeditateTheVote.


#MeditateTheVote is a way for people to voice their opinions, and be heard, regarding this coming election.
"While I’m usually in my 'Zen Zone' after meditation, I’m going to be honest with you. The current national political process has thrown me for a loop. I’ve been shocked, angry and – more than anything else – bewildered by the entire process. I’ve had friends from other parts of the world send messages asking 'what the heck is happening there?' I’ve wondered that myself."


"Meditate The Vote is not about swaying a vote or supporting a candidate; it is simply about You. Each of the presidential candidates, collectively, represents the stage of consciousness of our nation. Perhaps if we truly look at what is being said, we might realize that they are offering us a signal to recognize that we are in charge of how we choose to live our lives."


On May 1, 2016, Sister Jenna, host of the America Meditating Radio Show and an alliance of friends, launched a “Meditate the Vote” Initiative which will continue until Election Day on November 8, 2016. There are a lot of issues dividing the world today. Instead of coming up with answers to issues that divide us, it’s time to start asking ourselves the kind of questions that will bring about the change we want to see in our lives. Our positive changes will stimulate a ripple effect out into the world.


Get in touch with #MeditateTheVote

Events and the Meditate the Vote Singing Contest


TUESDAY, JULY 19th AT 6:30 PM, Meditate the Vote - “The Real Conversation”with Sister Jenna at Busboys & Poets 1025 5th Street Northwest, Washington, DC 20001

How are you feeling about our present times? Concerned? Outraged? Or, Enthused? Join us after work over a meal at Busboys & Poets as the amazing Sister Jenna discusses "Meditate the Vote" - a people's movement for socially conscious choice conceived by the America Meditating Radio Show and an alliance of friends from around the country - concerned citizens wishing to contribute a greater awareness for ourselves and our country. Meditate the Vote does not endorse any candidate or political party and instead asks us to answer our own questions. Are you powerful enough to affect change? What do you value the most about America? Do you believe in your self-worth? And, how does your life model that belief? Join the real conversation and engage in something worth talking about - ourselves, our country and our world over a meal with great folks!

Sister Jenna, is the founder and director of the Meditation Museums (MD/VA), host of the globally broadcast America Meditating Radio Show and a renowned speaker and author. She was selected by Empower a Billion Women 2020 as one of 100 Most Influential Leaders of 2015 and served as a principal partner with the Oprah Winfrey Network and Values Partnerships on the Oprah Winfrey Belief Team, a community of individuals from diverse spiritual, cultural and faith backgrounds. Sister Jenna’s voice of influence is particularly needed in the wake of tragedy and increasing violence in our world.

Free Event - RSVP for Meditate the Vote at

  cropped-MTIcon.png Meditate The Vote is conducting a Singing Contest! Share your best original song about #MeditateTheVote. Tell us why you support this movement! Remember, #MeditateTheVote is about people speaking and others listening! It's about being heard, it's about having a say, it's about knowing your value to yourself and America! Submit through the Contact Us section and type in "Singing Contest"! Applicants will be chosen based on originality, spirit, and presence. The winner will be announced prior to the November elections and will play an integral part in spreading the #MeditateTheVote message. This contest will end October 29, 2016.

Meditate The Vote Videos and #MeditateTheVote Associates

Meditate The Vote at Bus Boy and Poets in Shirlington, VA
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