Our Toolkit is currently under construction but will be available shortly! We will feature the Keep_Calmfollowing:

We are very excited to partner with you in #MeditateTheVote. Your participation will make an impact to produce a meaningful conversation around what people actually think about this election and what they are feeling. Our goal is to engage in a larger conversation that bridges gaps. It’s so important that you know we are not taking sides, do not endorse a candidate, and will keep our efforts authentic, clean and specific to thought led action. #MeditateTheVote acts as a subtle tool that offers more trust and partnership. The month of May has been declared National Meditation Month which aligned perfectly with the theme of this platform. We felt it appropriate to launch May 1st

MTV Toolkit will help our friends and partners around the country to share our message and create MTV the Real Conversation a nationwide movement that will continue through the election process in November 8 th .

In this toolkit you will find:

• Background on Meditate the Vote

• Meet Up Guidelines

• Set Up

• Downloads, videos, and materials

• Key questions