America Meditating Radio and an Alliance of Keep_CalmFriends for Meditate The Vote

  1. Diane Haworth
  2. Necole Jones
  3. Rev. Sylvia Sumter 
  4. Hannah Kim 
  5. Gaiafield Project 
  6. Yoga Day Summit
  7. Meditation Museum I and II
  8. Lexie Brockway Potamkin
  9. The Lyndia Grant Show
  10. Johana Lukauskis
  11. Marcia Dyson 
  12. Valerie Alexander
  13. Gandhi: Be Magazine 
  14. Dr. Amelia Kemp
  15. Kristen Hoffmann
  16. Karena Virginia
  17. Johanna Baldwin
  18. Soar Community Network

Many more to come….


Signing on to Meditate The Votes says, you wish to amplify the quality of conversation during this political climate and add more depths and awareness in the choices we make. It’s not just left up to a leader, but we to must engage with a true form of inner leadership to get the kind of life we deserve. And, together we can make a better country and world.


Thank you.